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“Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

The unthinkable has occurred. The Brexit effect has kicked in. Donald Trump will grab the brass ring and become president of the United States of America.

Democrats and media have been feasting on the mantra that the Republican Party is doomed, dead and demised. We’ve heard — the party of Lincoln will not recover from the schism between the tea party (evangelicals) and the financial elites (advocates of business, finance and lower taxes).

Hillary’s numbers, her on the ground based machine, and the electoral system were in her favor, a bit… except for the LATimes. They called it right.

Trump winning means his voters were more enthusiastic than Hillary’s. And all evidence shows that to be true. It also means huge, vast teeming numbers of voters were so turned off by her they didn’t go to the polls or they voted independent or …worse… they clandestinely voted for Trump.

The Trump win means there will be a fiery accounting. A lot of hand-wringing, gnashing of teeth and new unparalleled disgust and contempt for both Clintons will grow throughout the land. Hillary will have brought this catastrophe on the Democratic Party and, worse yet, on the United States of America. And it will be by those who forcefully had to vote for her. Democrats will be outraged.

Some will falsely blame the army of Bernie Sanders folks. Sorry, that blame is sorely misplaced. The blame will lie solely with the very weak, poor, terrible, candidate. It is the duty, job, obligation of the candidate to rally the troops. She didn’t have to do much — only beat the worse Republican candidate in history. Worse than Palin, worse than Bush.

She is a candidate held in contempt by much of the populace. Sanders was so much the better man. Independents liked him, Libertarians liked him, students liked him. Even some Republicans liked him. He had a record of genuine, authentic service to the public.

Hillary merely wanted to be president. If one watched PBS, again and again commentator David Brooks asked, “What does she offer? What does she represent?”

The other commentator, Mark Shields, the liberal, had no answer. He had to agree.

The public knows what she represented; self-interest, banking, hawkish military interventions, pro-Israel pandering, flipping on trade agreements. And as a former public teacher, she frightens me with her cozy ties with Eli Broad, the hedge-funders’ hedge funder who is all for privatizing charter schools across the country. So she pats public school teachers on the back and then elbows forward for profit-making charters.

The Trump win means there will be a great gnashing of the teeth by Democrats. Lists will be made, heads will fly. Liberal think tanks will try to formulate what went wrong. It is simple — Hillary grabbed the machine and put people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the top of her power pyramid. It is apparent to all, Hillary has spent years laying the groundwork for this. She has schemed, planned, connived and manipulated. It just feels like every move was calculated, coordinated and orchestrated. Many of us think her closeness to Bill gave her the false idea that charm can rub off or be manufactured — it can’t. It’s genetic. Her genes lack it.

There will be many changes: Obama Care, environmental issues , gun control, the Supreme Court, the influence of Religion in the public sector, Common Core, immigration.  The world changed on Nov. 8.

Paul Karrer is a retired teacher who worked in Castroville, Korea, Samoa, Connecticut and England.


Microphone in focus against unrecognizable crowdFor the past year or so, watching Donald Trump on the stump was actually entertaining. What outrageous nonsense would he pop off with? Who would he insult? What lie would he spout this time?

That ended last night with his victory speech. I simply couldn’t watch this newly empowered rooster, this self-parodying clown who is now in position to destroy so much. So like many of you, I declared this election over and went to bed.

I have attempted to console myself by remembering that we survived Nixon and Reagan and Bush but I know, we all do, that this is much worse. A friend reminded me last night that the sun would still come up this morning, and it did, though at my place there was considerable fog.

So what now? I’m afraid there is no choice. We must resist. Against the reality of a stacked legislature and a tyrant at the top we must protest and find some way to maintain Obamacare and Roe v Wade and more. More, like basic human decency. Who  am I trying to convince? Yes, me. But you, too, and you and you and you. We’re in this together.

Many of us learned the art of protest and mass action in the sixties, and then we watched as the right adapted the techniques for their own causes. We laughed at the Tea Party but now we are forced to wince over what it has become.

So what do we do? I’m not exactly sure. The defeat is too fresh. But I know what we don’t do. We don’t surrender. We’ve been watching a national train wreck develop for a long time but now we can’t just sit back and listen to the screams.

There has been a long struggle for peace and justice in this country and there have been successes. The laws have changed and so has quite a bit of human nature even though it doesn’t feel like it today. Today, the struggle is back on. People of conscience may need to rest for a bit but then we need to pick up where we left off. We must regroup.

Many of you were part of the Civil Rights Movement and the peace movement. Your services are required again. If this bizarre new president really wants to try to deport our neighbors, we need to be the barrier that prevents that. When he tries to ban Muslims, we must be their underground railroad. When he tries to criminalize womanhood, we must all stand with the women.

This is a huge blow, a bitter pill, a shock to the system, something unthinkable. It feels almost like a death in the family. But we will survive. We’re not going to let the bastards beat us down. It’s just going to take some work. Just breathe, and rest up for a bit.