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New labor contract reached at the Monterey Herald

Herald Guild

Herald union activists celebrate after signing a new labor contract this week. From left, they are crime reporter Ana Ceballos, photographer David Royal, reporter Dennis Taylor, graphics editor/night editor James Herrera, sportswriter/editor Tommy Wright, business writer and Guild unit Chairman Phil Molnar, and reporters Julia Reynolds and Claudia Melendez Salinas. Union members at the Monterey Herald

Union members at the Monterey Herald announced Thursday that they had signed a new labor contract providing them with one extra paid holiday annually  a cap on health care costs and increased cell phone reimbursements but no raises.

Business writer and Newspaper Guild unit Chairman Phil Molnar said, “We would have liked a raise but we are glad to have finally reached an agreement after more than a year of hard work by Guild members.”

Thirty-eight Herald employees had signed a position asking Herald Publisher Gary Omernick to agree to the first increase in base pay in four years. During that period, employees were required to take unpaid weeklong furloughs. Union members had conducted a campaign that included rallies and participation in a national campaign urging Digital First Media to find new ownership for the Herald and other papers in the national chain.


Open-water water polo


Members of the Otter Bay Water Polo Club braved the open ocean at Del Monte Beach to demonstrate increasingly popular open-water polo. Monterey Herald photog David Royal went all out by donning his wetsuit so he could get some shots from within the action.