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DSCN0366Below, in italics, is a news release issued by the Dennis Donohue for supervisor campaign on Tuesday. Below that, a couple of questions and comments:


Campaign Questions Motives of Monning Press Release

 SALINAS, CA – Dennis Donohue, candidate for District 4 Supervisor of Monterey County clarified and defended the content of a recent campaign mailer focused on the public voting record of his opponent in the upcoming June primary.

“While I respect and admire the hard work and leadership of Senator Monning on the Monterey County Veteran’s Cemetery Project, his press release indicates that literature sent out by my campaign was misleading and false and that is simply not true,” commented Donohue. “The facts are extremely clear as in consecutive Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) meetings (September 14 and October 12, 2012) that were attended by Senator Monning, Ms. Parker and myself, Ms. Parker voted to request the FORA staff to recommend a new location for the Veteran’s Cemetery, needlessly delaying the project” 

“Furthermore,” continued Donohue, “October 12, 2012 meeting, she voted again to direct staff to look for additional locations and that motion was defeated 12-1. A pattern has emerged where progress on items such as this, the Eastside Parkway and already approved development designed to give Seaside and Marina back the economic engine lost due to Fort Ord’s closure have been delayed and blocked and the residents of the 4th District deserve better.” 

Donohue Campaign Manager Steve Thomas stated, “It’s not the literature that is calling into question Ms. Parker’s true intentions regarding this issue, it’s the Veterans themselves. There is still a lot of work to be done to make the cemetery a reality and the community would like to see their elected officials making every effort to get these projects completed for the betterment of all of Monterey County.” 

“Additionally, for Senator Monning to comment on a “Campaign based on lies and deception” as indicated in his release, he has to look no further than Ms. Parker’s own campaign literature of elections past and her irresponsible public comments regarding Dennis Donohue’s record as the three term mayor of Salinas. We stand behind the pieces 100% as fact-based campaign literature based on the public voting record of our opponent.” 

For more information, visit www.dennisfordistrict4.com and follow the campaign on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram.

Donahue’s comments here only hint at the accusations his campaign tossed at the Parker campaign, which include voting against redevelopment of Fort Ord and costing the community millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. You can read the earlier Partisan stories here and here, so no need to go into detail here.

My main question is this: Donohue now accuses Parker of a “campaign based on lies and deception” and cites “Ms. Parker’s own campaign literature of elections past and her irresponsible public comments regarding Dennis Donohue’s record as the three term mayor of Salinas.” I would ask, and I would hope others, including Donohue supporters, will ask that he cite some specifics. He is calling her a liar and a deceiver but backs that up not at all. Strong words. Let’s see some examples.


Falsely states that cemetery has been blocked by Supervisor Jane Parker

DSCN0380 (1)Politicians rarely weigh in on campaigns other than their own but a new mailing by Monterey County supervisorial candidate Dennis Donohue strayed so far from the facts that it provoked a strong denunciation from state Sen. Bill Monning.

“I just saw the Donohue hit piece against Supervisor Parker,” said Monning. “This is so erroneous and inaccurate that I hardly know where to start. ”

The mailer claims that Parker, the 4th District incumbent, somehow is blocking the veterans cemetery at Fort Ord even though it is already under construction.

“The California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery is already under construction and scheduled for opening in August or September this year – well before this candidate could even take office,” Monning said Saturday.

A headline in the mailer says, “Jane Parker says ‘No’ to Veterans and Monterey County,” and the text says, “Only one vote on the Board of Supervisors stands between Monterey County veterans and a long-awaiting military cemetery at Fort Ord. Dennis Donohue strongly supports the plan and will stand with veterans to get it done.”

Monning, D-Carmel, has been heavily involved in  the cemetery project, working closely with the Board of Supervisors, area legislators, the Fort Ord Reuse Authority and veterans organizations. He sponsored legislation establishing the cemetery and securing more than $2 million for the project. He said Saturday that Parker had supported the cemetery “every step of the way.”


Former Salinas mayor Dennis Donohue

“For Donohue to suggest that establishment of the veterans cemetery only awaits his affirmative vote to come to fruition is not only false, it is disrespectful and dismissive of all of us who have worked to establish the cemetery,” the senator said.

“For Dennis Donohue to vilify Jane as somehow not supporting the veterans cemetery is false and misleading and intentionally designed to deceive the voters. I am disappointed to see a candidate initiate a campaign based on lies and deception instead of advancing an honest portrayal of what he might aspire to do as a supervisor,” said Monning.”If this is how Donohue runs his campaign, would he also throw truth and ethics to the winds if elected?”

The mailer also attacks Parker for her opposition to a related venture, the failed plan by Monterey-Salinas Transit to build a transit center near the cemetery site at Fort Ord. The initial Board of Supervisors’ approval of that project led to a referendum measure motivated mostly by plans to cut down thousands of trees. The referendum led to another vote by the supervisors during which Supervisor Dave Potter acknowledged that the original vote was a mistake and Supervisor Lou Calcagno praised the protesters as being “right on.”

Unfortunately for voters attempting to follow the status of the cemetery project, the developers behind the proposed Monterey Downs horse racing and housing venture initially linked their venture’s approval to the cemetery and the transit yard, an attempt to artificially create political pressure on officials opposed to the Monterey Downs effort. That enabled the developers to enlist some local veterans to criticize politicians who expressed concerns about the environmental impacts of the large Monterey Downs venture, which has not acquired the necessary property, approvals or water rights it needs to advance.