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The Partisan borrowed this Stan Russell photo from the Big Sur Kate blog.

So where is the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge that has failed in Big Sur? If I had the capability, I’d post a map, but I don’t. The newspapers have the capability but, well, well, … I’m not sure why they aren’t printing a map. You might want to ask them.

So here’s a word map and Michael DeLapa has posted a link to a map in the comments section below.  The failed bridge is about a mile south of Big Sur Station and several miles north of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. So if you want to go from Carmel to the businesses and attractions on the north end of the community, like the River Inn and Fernwood,  you’re dependent on the status of various mudslides. As of late Saturday, things were pretty much closed down south of Palo Colorado but that could change. If you want to go to the Big Sur Bakery, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park or Nepenthe from the north, forget about it until the bridge is fixed.

The best source of information about Big Sur, weather conditions, road closures, etc., is the Big Sur Kate website.

When you can get there, you should go. Go see the sights and buy some stuff from the stores and food from the restaurants. They’re going to need your help. Just a couple months ago, the nice folks of Big Sur were complaining about crowds of tourists blocking the roads, especially on the weekends. Those crowds are looking kinda good at the moment.

Hope that helps. If I’m off at all, please someone correct me.  Kate?


“Best blog” is among the categories in the contest,  Unfortunately for us, Big Sur Kate is also a nominee.