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Some scoffed back in January when the Partisan suggested there was a decent chance the next city attorney in Carmel could be one of Mayor Steve Dallas’ most ardent political backers, Carmel lawyer Glen Mozingo. Read it for yourself. Though it remains only a possibility, there is increasing evidence that the Partisan might have gotten one right, to the surprise even of those responsible for this periodic exercise in local observation and commentary.

Though Mozingo has relatively little government experience, the city initially hired the him to help negotiate a contract with the non-profit that operates the city-owned Sunset Center. Though Don Freeman hadn’t yet announced his pending departure from the city attorney’s post, Mozingo confirmed back then that that, why, yes, as a matter of fact, he might be interested in the job.

Since then, the city has scheduled a discussion of Freeman’s replacement for noon Tuesday and has hired Mozingo to help the city with its legal filings on the short-term rental issue and issues surrounding skin care businesses. City Administrator Chip Rerig said he signed the contracts with Mozingo, for $250 an hour, but it was actually Freeman who assigned the work.

Close observers of Carmel politics may remember Mozingo’s impassioned campaign kickoff speech on behalf of Dallas and his spirited resignation from the city Library Board a couple years earlier. Three years ago, Mozingo’s wife, Heidi Burch, resigned as city clerk and assistant administrator, saying she couldn’t work under then-City Administrator Jason Stilwell. Mozingo followed up a year later with a blast at Stilwell and even an accusation that Stilwell and former Mayor Jason Burnett would stoop to stealing newspapers from the racks in Carmel when they contained critical articles.

Mozingo has practiced primarily in Southern California as a partner in a firm that specializes in estate planning, business law and civil litigation. Though the firm’s website doesn’t mention government work, Mozingo says he has represented several government agencies, mostly as a litigator, and represented former LA Police Daryl Gates for 18 years.

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  • Jeff Baron June 26, 2017, 6:47 pm

    So much for the transparent process that we were promised back in… January?

    I filed a public records act request two months ago to get the applications from the 16 applicants, but so far, the city has declined to provide them. The indications, from the city’s response, are that I will get them once the contract is signed. Stay tuned.

  • Eric Petersen June 26, 2017, 8:40 pm

    For more about Steve Dallas, refer to the current Bloom County comic strip. There is an amazing resemblance between the Carmel Steve Dallas and the Bloom County Steve Dallas!

  • Anne Jones June 27, 2017, 8:32 pm

    Sounds like again carmel is more worried about playing politics than having a transparent well run city serving the taxpayers.

    It’s even more concerning that commenters about transparency, such as Jeff Baron’s here and others around the village, seem so willing to accept that its okay to proceed in this way.

    I suspect that Don Freeman is actually picking his replacement in Monzingo. Monzingo and his wife are buddies with Freeman and with the Pine Cone reporter Mary Schley and editor Paul Miller. Heidi is an acolyte of Sue McCloud. My guess is a next step is we’ll see the next city attorney working to help Chip find his next job so Heidi can come back as a city manager…

  • Jeff Baron June 30, 2017, 10:05 pm

    Anne Miller: Huh? Did I give you the impression that I find this acceptable? My bad!

    I’d also remind you, and, well, everyone, that it is the role of the government to implement the will of the voters, not the will of the taxpayers. Crucial difference, that one.